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Indonesian Healthtech will not be the same again

Digital radiography technology has many benefits to support the needs of public services, especially in the health sector. Our equipment is classified as a sophisticated device, no new developing country has been able to produce it, because the components have a high level of difficulty and the research process also requires special expertise.

But what should be proud of is that because now Indonesia as a country that will take off from a developing country to the next level to become a developed country, has been able to develop and manufacture advanced digital radiography equipment by itself.

With the addition of digital radiography telephoto, through long research, one of Indonesia's innovators, a senior physicist, Gede Bayu Suparta with a solid team from Gajah Mada University, is able to create and develop efficient and capable digital radiography This work should be proud of because it is fully supported by the government and other interested institutions.

According to Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Commissioner of PT. Madena Karya Indonesia (as the patent right holder), explained that this product is not only used for medical purposes, but can be used as a detection or quality control device for a packaged product as well as for other goods that are economical, such as checking. Regarding the quality of pearl shells, machine components, gate / equipment detectors, etc., so that legality support such as distribution permits and various other licenses for this tool are very urgent, of course the role of the private sector is also very much needed as an investor who supports the fabrication of this device. The regulation and management of the legality of this innovation should be given a green light and a special route so that it can be benefited by Indonesians all over the country.

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