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Technology Disruption in X-Ray Radiography

DDR X-Ray Radiography Equipment which is well known for expensive price, requires high-powered X-ray, high dose of radiation (above 100kV, 100 mA). Gede Bayu Suparta and his team at PT. Madeena Karya Indonesia had been successfully produce a similar device which much more tech savvy and efficient.

This digital radiography product by Madeena works under 100 kV, below 100 mA, 50Hz frequency, 1 phase 220 VAC electricity, with a maximum exposure time of 0.5 sec. With these various achievements it is hoped that the government and stakeholders in the health sector can approve and support, so that circulation permits will be issued very soon. Public will be greatly helped to use digital radiography services from MADEENA because the costs are relatively low and easy to distribute throughout Indonesian archipelago.

The proud and dignity of the nation will be lifted because we, the Indonesian people, can create our own high-tech products domestically, so that we can enjoy this pride together.

Fak. Gajah Mada University Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Prestige Jogjakarta.

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