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UGM Lecturer Patented Cheap Digital Radiography Device

After 16 years researching digital radiography system control device, finally on 19 October 2009, the Citra Research Team from Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, received a patent for its invention. The team handed over their discovery to UGM to be managed for public use. “This invention inspires people to use it. Commercially, it is legally protected in Indonesia and is exclusively valid for 20 years,” said Dr. Gede Bayu Suparta as research team coordinator to the press, Thursday (3/12).

Bayu explained that their invention about digital radiography is very helpful to solve the problem of limited radiograph devices in public health centers and hospitals throughout Indonesia . “Digital radiograph device is very expensive, not all hospitals have it. In fact, the radiograph was invented over a century ago. The very old X-Ray technology should have been cheaper, but despite the old technology, it is still used today,added Bayu.

Bayu mentioned that the price of digital radiograph in international market reaches 4 billion rupiah. With his invention, costumers can get the same quality with only half a billion rupiah. “It can be a very cheap new technology. It can save electricity and has low radiation level, and it is safer. It can produce 20 images in just one shot,” he explained.

With this digital device, the use of film radiography can be left behind so the operational budget of hospitals can be reduced. Moreover, radio diagnostic devices can even be sold cheaply to the hospitals. That is very attractive for the business sector. According to Bayu, the government can make financial standard for radiography cost that is measurable and affordable to people. “This device does not use films. The operational budget is lower and 75% of the material is locally produced,” he said.

Bayu explained that this digital radiograph system can be operated in all over Indonesia as long as it is supported by information and communication technology system. Through tele-radiology mechanism and new services, radiology service can be made very effective and efficient. Therefore, the patients in remote areas do not need to go to the city for medical diagnosis

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