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UGM and PT Madeena agreement on downstream utilization of Mr. Bayu patented invention

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Based on agreement No : 5204/UN1.P/DIT-KAUI/HK/2020 No : 01/MKI/PKS.05/2020 between Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta) and PT Madeena Karya Indonesia, UGM gave their agreement on 'Utilization of Patented Licensed for Downstreaming Technology Inovation of Digital Radiography Control System and Its Method of Use" to PT. Madeena Karya Indonesia, a manufacturing company domiciled in Yogyakarta area.

The license was given by UGM to MadeenaKarya Indonesia on May 6th, 2020 from Prof. Ir. Panut Multono M. Eng., D.Eng., as a rector of Gadjah Mada University to Ni Nyoman Trisnawati S.Si., M.Si as a director of PT. Madeena Karya Indonesia.

This licensed is officially a milestone for PT Madeena karya Indonesia to manufacture the device based on the invention of Mr. Gede Bayu Suparta, PhD in the X-Ray Digital Radiography, which had been developed more than 25 years.

This X-Ray Digital Radigraphy will develop Indonesian hospitals and clinics to provide low cost service and better result of imaging from expensive existing Digital X-Ray machine currently available in the market.

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